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Why Is It Important to Be Custom-Fit for Golf Clubs No Matter Your Skill Level?

Updated: Jul 4, 2022

Walk onto any golf course and you’re going to see golfers of all experience levels! From beginners to experts, skill level has nothing to do with enjoying the game.

However, it’s hard to enjoy the game of golf when you can’t improve on these skills. Sure, there is a learning curve, but having the golf clubs you use can make or break your progress.

This is why, no matter your skill level, it’s important that you play with custom-fit golf clubs. Even if you are a beginner, having the right clubs will help you better learn the game and boost your confidence.

Keep reading to find out more about the importance of custom-fit golf clubs and how clubs are fitted based on your level of experience:

Why You Should Get Custom Golf Clubs

Every golfer is different and custom clubs are designed to fit you and your playing style. Buying a set of clubs off the shelf may not provide you with what you need to reach your full potential!

Even if you are a beginner, you are good enough for custom clubs. Custom clubs will help you reach a more consistent ball flight and help you make better contact.

Overall, custom clubs will raise your level of play on the course!

How Golf Clubs Are Measured and Fitted

The way in which custom clubs are measured and fitted depends entirely upon your skill level. From beginner to advanced, having clubs custom fit will ensure you’re on top of your game.

Beginner Golfers

For beginner golfers, there are five aspects of the club that will be precisely measured to ensure the perfect fit:

  • Length: The length of a custom club will depend on your height. Having the right length is important when it comes to helping you achieve the right posture so you can make the more repeatable swing.

  • Lie Angle: The lie angle of your custom club will help the club move consistently through the turf and reduce misses when swinging.

  • Head Model: For beginners, look for a head design that is more forgiving and works with your golfing style.

  • Shaft Flex: Beginners should also have the right shaft weight and flex in order to maximize consistency as well as distance output.

  • Grip: Grip is an important aspect of fitting! The grip size will depend on the size of your hand and you want to choose a grip type that works with the weather you most play in.

Average Golfers

If you have a bit more experience on the green, here are some aspects of getting custom clubs you should consider:

  • Basic Fitting: Once you know how to play, you will probably grow out of your “beginner” fitting and will require more personalized fitting options.

  • Head Design Bias: After familiarizing yourself with different club designs, you can choose a thinner or thicker topline or offset in the head design best suited to your style of playing.

  • Club Feel: Again, the more you play golf the more you will get to know what “feel” you like and can best choose a custom club to suit your needs.

  • Shaft Details: When you gain more experience playing golf, you develop “tendencies” beyond simple baseline motions. At this point, you can be fitted for heavier or lighter shafts as well as stiffer or softer shafts.

  • Set Make-Up: As you get a better feel for the game, you’ll find out what type of clubs you prefer and can better arrange your setup to suit your preferences.

Advanced Golfers

For those who really know their game, there are a few more details you can have customized when it comes to being fitted for the perfect clubs:

  • Basic Fitting: Again, you may grow out of your “average golfer” fit and need to switch to more personalized options.

  • Special Modifications: As you become more advanced when it comes to playing golf, you’ll be able to see shot patterns and better understand the way you play. You can then fine-tune specific areas such as altering the bounce or changing left or right bias tendencies.

  • Club Settings: By now you have a more consistent swing so you may want to decrease your misses by changing the settings of your clubs.

Choosing the Right Clubs

As a beginner, you may get caught up in the excitement and enthusiasm of starting a new sport but don’t rush out and buy the best gear possible!

As you build your skills and improve your game, you are likely going to want to upgrade your clubs to match your style and progress. For this reason, it’s best to buy your clubs slowly.

For your first set of golf clubs, look for a set that includes a putter, a driver, a 3-wood, and odd-numbered irons.

You’ll also want to choose between men’s and women’s clubs as well as right or left-handed clubs. There are also different materials to choose from such as steel and graphite.

For average and advanced golfers, you’ll start to build a set of golf clubs that are tailored to your physical abilities and characteristics.

At an expert level, don’t be afraid to consider the top brand names!

The Perfect Clubs for Your Skill Level!

At Big Buck Golf, we are dedicated to providing you with an amazing golf experience!

Come check out our amazing practice facility as well as our huge selection of premium golf clubs. Our experts can help you choose the right clubs for your golfing needs!

Feel free to contact us for more information or come visit us at 1909 19 Avenue in Wainwright, Alberta.

We look forward to seeing you!

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