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**SimBooth orders are made to order. Due to a busy production schedule, if you place an order today, the estimated ship date is 2-8 weeks from when the order is placed.**



SimBooth is a high-end residential and commercial golf simulator studio. The creators of SimBooth have developed expertise in designing and producing golf simulator booths. In order to supply the best golf simulator companies, we have created a high-quality product beyond expectations. Our goal is to manufacture the best golf simulator booths on the market. Hence, the creation of SimBooth.



  • Made of aluminum: All our booths are made of 6063-T52 quality of aluminum, which provides solid, durable, and light weight golf simulator booths.
  • Solid panels: Built with aluminum, wood, and high-quality carpet, SimBooth enclosures give a professional and aesthetic look. We do not use canvas for the side panels of our products.
  • Full surface floor: From the border to the screen, our floor is on the same level. Since you do not have to get the ball on a hitting platform every time you swing, it gives the best golf experience. Moreover, the putting feels amazing, as you can see the ball roll all the way to the screen.
  • Creased-free screen: Our high-quality canvas is fully stretched to ensure the best image quality. The ball does not get stuck at the bottom or at the top of the screen when you hit it.
  • Outstanding finish and professional look: Because we care about its design as well as its performance, we only use North American high-quality materials. We provide our customers with the best products.



  • Projector std 4000 Lumens / 15 000 H (Optoma W319ST) (Projector mount included) +$2250
  • Projector Laser 6000 Lumens / 20 000 H (Optoma ZU606 TST) ( Projector mount included) +$5750
  • TurfHound Commercial Hitting Mat with slot for tees +$300
  • Half Walls (both sides) of 45" H x 48" D +$600

* If desired, you can source your projector and mount from another vendor. However, the projector mount included with the purchase of a projector is specifically designed to attach to the SimBooth and made to fit with projector models offered.

* The pictured computer desk and touch screen are not available for purchase.




Booth Dimensions:

  • Width: 12'4"
  • Depth: 12'
  • Height: 9'
  • The Booth 2 ceiling sticks out 67"


Screen Dimensions:

  • 167" (142" x 87")
  • Based on a 16:10 ratio


Minimum Suggested Room Dimensions:

  •  12'6" W x 16'6" D x 9' H



  • Assembled in less than 1 hour
  • Ideal for small rooms (minimum size are the dimensions provided
  • Performs with all launch monitors
  • Installed by the customer
  • Install screen > 12" from the back wall of the room
  • Be sure to have 4 persons, 2 ladders, a screwdriver and a 1/2" wrench


Curbside Delivery

  • The SimBooth is delivered on a pallet to the foot of your driveway
  • The pallet is approximately 75" L x 48" W x 36-42" H  (or larger)
  • You do not need a loading dock to accept this delivery as a truck with a liftgate will drop this off
  • We will contact you once we have set up your shipment. Afterwards, the carrier will contact you to schedule a delivery appointment.

SimBooth #2- At Home Simulator/ Launch Monitor Bay

PriceFrom C$8,795.00

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