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Brand Spotlight: TaylorMade Golf and the New Carbonwood Age

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

Here at Big Buck, we offer a wide variety of golf clubs to suit your individual needs.

However, no brand has us more excited than TaylorMade’s line of amazing Carbonwood clubs!

For years, titanium dominated the golf club scene and while this innovative material created a lightweight club, it wasn’t light enough for the engineers at TaylorMade.

They sought to create a club that was light, forgiving, and aerodynamic. After years of tests and prototypes, they developed a combination of state-of-the-art materials and ushered in the new Carbonwood age.

Out of all the available TaylorMade products, none stands out like the Stealth line of golf clubs! From drivers to irons, these clubs are sleek in design and guaranteed to up your golf game.

Keep reading to find out more about the history of Carbonwood along with the benefits of using these clubs:

The History of Carbonwood Golf Clubs

In 2000, a team of engineers explored the possibility of using advanced materials such as carbon for the structural components of golf club design. After many designs and tests, a few engineers branched off and focused their efforts on optimizing the face of the driver.

Immediately they realized that carbon creates a lighter face and better weight distribution that enhances performance and forgiveness. In fact, carbon faces are 40% lighter than titanium faces of the same size.

After several more years of testing and prototype development, the engineers were able to say with confidence that carbon faces increased ball speed with a higher ceiling than titanium.

But they didn’t stop there!

Between 2008-2013, engineers teamed up with golf ball chemists to develop a new polyurethane material for carbon drivers.

This textured material was applied to carbon faces to provide the right amount of roughness, scorelines, and thickness to improve launch and spin properties.

This nanotextured cover opened the door of possibilities for Carbonwood drivers and led to the first composite face TaylorMade product!

The Key Features of Taylormade’s Stealth Golf Clubs

TaylorMade’s Stealth golf clubs are definitely a cut above the rest! Here are the key features that make these clubs stand out from the crowd:

60X Carbon Twist Face

The days of titanium golf clubs are soon coming to an end!

With TaylorMade’s 60X Carbon Twist Face, clubheads are lighter and larger than ever before!

With sixty layers of carbon fiber, the Stealth is strategically designed to optimize energy transfer, increase ball speed over larger areas.

Nanotexture Cover

This 60X Carbon Twist Face is encased in a polyurethane cover created with nanotexture technology. This nanotexture cover fine-tunes spin and launch to increase distance despite playing conditions.

High MOI Design

MOI stands for “Moment of Inertia” and determines the forgiveness of a golf club. The Stealth by TaylorMade allows for a better distribution of weight and provides a great MOI for golfers.

Asymmetric Inertia Generator

The Asymmetric Inertia Generator refines the aerodynamic properties of the Stealth club.

This results in fast head shape and increased speed on the downswing.

Thru-Slot Speed Pocket

The Stealth’s Speed Pocket has been designed to maximize ball speed and provide additional forgiveness.

The Benefits of the Stealth Clubs by TaylorMade Golf

The future of performance begins with TaylorMade’s line of golf clubs. These clubs are 3D carbon crown designed and constructed with advanced materials for increased forgiveness.

This new design allows engineers to shift weight lower and deeper in the clubhead, creating high MOI performance and precision playability.

Check out the other amazing benefits of TaylorMade CarbonWood clubs:

Added Forgiveness

Because TaylorMade Stealth Clubs are made with a 60X Carbon Twist Face, they are lighter than titanium and position more mass low in the head to provide added forgiveness.

Spin and Launch

The Stealth’s nanotexture cover creates the ideal amount of friction at impact. This polyurethane covers the entire face and optimizes launch and spin as well as total distance.

The Perfect Sound

Sound is important when it comes to getting a feel for your club. TaylorMade’s engineers used a combination of shape, curvature, and internal stiffening ribs to create the perfect acoustics that delivers a powerful sound profile.

Speed and Aerodynamics

During the most critical phase of your swing, the Stealth’s Asymmetric Inertia Generator increases your club’s aerodynamics right before impact. This innovative design increases speed and MOI exactly when you need it!

TaylorMade’s Stealth Golf Club Product Line

With a club for every shot, TaylorMade ensures there is a Stealth product to meet your needs:

Stealth Driver

The Stealth Driver guarantees distance and power when it’s time to tee off. TaylorMade also offers the Stealth Plus Driver, the Stealth Women’s Driver, and the Stealth HD Driver.

When it comes to the Stealth Plus Driver, you can expect increased performance and better workability from the tee.

The Stealth HD Driver is the most forgiving club of the Stealth product line and creates a high MOI while counteracting your miss rate.

Stealth Iron

Don’t miss another hole with the Stealth Iron Series! Hit better, take fewer shots, and play less golf more often!

Stealth Rescue

TaylorMade’s Stealth Rescue combines Tour-validated designs with carbon crown construction to improve the performance of golfers at all skill levels!

Expect high launch and forgiveness with the Rescue, which is also available in the Stealth Women’s Rescue and Stealth Plus Rescue designs.

The Stealth Plus Rescue maximizes distance and forgiveness while giving you more control over shape and trajectory.

Stealth Fairway Wood

Get more forgiveness on longer shots with the Stealth Fairway Wood. Also available in Stealth Plus Fairway Wood and Stealth Women’s Fairway Wood.

The Stealth Plus Fairway Wood produces lower spin and longer distances than the original model.

They Don’t Call Them Stealth For Nothing?

Are you ready to take on the green and impress your golf buddies with an innovative and game-changing set of Stealth golf clubs?

We hope you are! Big Buck is proud to offer this amazing brand of golf clubs, available through our in-store and online shop.

If you have any questions about TaylorMade clubs and the beauty of Carbonwood, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today!

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